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Chihuahua clothes

Custom Chihuahua clothes: Canada, US

Chihuahua clothes Canada, USA

These custom Chihuahua clothes have been designed in Renaissance colors. The soft, elegant fabric is adorned with tender flowers on the greenish background. It is truly a gem in our collection.

Jackets with legs are ideal for small dogs. If you want to dress up your pet, order online clothes for Chihuahuas, custom-made in Montreal, Quebec!

Contact us for detailed information on how to take measurements.

Custom Chihuahua clothes Canada

Dear pet owners, Couturiere Tatia offers you custom clothes for Chihuahuas, dog jumpsuits, dog snowsuits, puppy coats, which are colorful, warm and lightweight. If you want to sew a custom dog outfit on your own, we will mail you dog coat patterns and printed instructions. We are shipping across Canada and the United States.

Let’s design together!