Project Description

Dog snowsuit with feet

Dog snowsuit with feet: Canada, US

Dog snowsuit with feet Montreal

This Poodle enjoyed warmth and comfort during his winter walks, just like all the other dogs, who wear our custom snowsuits. Outer layer is made of waterproof fabric, inner layer of fleece. The long sleeves and the detachable hood make this jacket even warmer.

You may order a dog snowsuit with feet online, and we will gladly mail it within Canada and the United States. Find the detailed information on taking measurements here: How to measure your dog for a coat?

Let’s design together!

Dear pet owners, you may create with us a dog snowsuit, a hooded dog coat, or a waterproof dog jacket, with the use of our Sewing patterns. We will also advise you on chosing the best fabrics for an outfit. All of our products are shipped across Canada and the United States. Thank you ))