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How to measure your dog for a coat?

Guidelines for taking measurements

How to measure a dog for a coat

Dear customers, in order to make a comfy outfit for your dog, we would ask you to take these measurements and send them to us (you may wish to use a tape measure and write down the results):
A. Neck, where the collar sits. Please, measure the largest circumference around the dog’s neck.
B. Torso girth. Find the widest circumference behind the front legs.
C. Back length, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
D. Front paws, from the spine to the ground.
E. Hind paws, from the spine to the ground.

Dog coat pattern sizes

Dear pet owners, Couturiere Tatia offers you custom dog coats, dog jumpsuits, dog snowsuits, which are colorful, warm and lightweight. If you want to sew an outfit on your own, we will mail you dog coat patterns and printed instructions. We are shipping across Canada and the United States.

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