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Pants length alteration

Tailoring pants length: Montreal

Pants length alteration Montreal

The customer’s opinion: “I got some magnificent snow pants, sewn according to all the standards of alpine skiing. They are filled with a layer of synthetic winterizer, have plenty of pockets and are very comfortable. I love them so much. The only problem, that I had was their length.
When the pants are so long, they interfere too much with the sport and make skiing super uncomfortable. I hesitated a lot to alter the pants, because the bottom is quite complex. It is filled with rivets, zippers and has a bootcut shape. After falling because of the inappropriate length, I decided to ask Couturiere Tatia to tailor the pants.
She did an excellent job, much better than I could imagine. After seeing the result, I was shocked! Nothing was missing from the pants, I couldn’t even see where the alteration was made. It’s as if Tatia had found a new pair of pants of the perfect size.”

While we are based in Laval (Chomedey), we also offer pants length alteration and tailoring of custom pants to customers from the Montreal suburbs of Mirabel, Pointe-Claire, Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse, Blainville, Rosemere, Lorraine, Bois-des-Filion, Terrebonne. You are cordially welcome!