Project Description

Puppy coat

Waterproof puppy coat: Canada, US

puppy coat Canada

This little Poodle and her owner were happy to get a waterproof puppy coat, which combines impermeable fabric on the outside and polar fleece on the inside.

Wearing this custom-made vest the cute baby girl could go out for a walk despite the cold.

A waterproof coat with long sleeves and a removable hood will keep your puppy warm in any weather conditions. Order online dog clothes, which are made in and shipped from Canada. Contact us for detailed information on how to take measurements.

Product Details

puppy coat, tail

puppy coat, collar

Dear pet owners, Couturiere Tatia offers you waterproof puppy coats, which are lightweight, warm and colorful. Also, you may order sewing patterns, muslins and printed instructions on how to create custom dog clothes on your own.

We will gladly mail them within Canada and the United States. We will help you choose the best fabrics for a dog coat, a dog costume, or a dog puffer. Let’s design together!